HYPERFANDOM: Turn Your Customers From Depressed to Obsessed

27 Octubre 2022, 12:30 - 13:00

In this entertaining, inspirational and interactive keynote, former rockstar James Dodkins shares insights from his research into fiercely loyal music fandoms.

On the extreme end of fandom are people who have made their love of a music artist part of their identity, James refers to these people as 'Hyperfans'. Discover how wildly successful music artists create such loyal fans and learn what we can do in business to realise the benefits of extreme customer loyalty.

  • Learn about the band that created Hyperfans before the internet.
  • Hear about about the company who has created Hyperfans today using the same principals.
  • Discover how harnessing moments can influence customer relationships.
  • Uncover the actions you can take immediately to create your own fans.

This is a virtual keynote like no other. You will leave the session feeling inspired, energised and really to turn your customers, from customers into fans.


James Dodkins
Customer Service & Sales Automation Director,