Capturing the Loyalty of the modern customer

22 Junio 2022, 12:20 - 13:00

"Customers expect more than ever before. Loyalty is becoming harder to capture, and many organizations are left wondering how to succeed in this new era of the Experience Economy. It's time to break free of many of the legacy techniques and mentalities that have been holding us back, and embrace a bold mission-driven approach to CX. By galvanizing employees around the brand core, measuring customer behaviors in enhanced ways, and nailing our digital experience, we can still capture the hearts and minds of our customers long-term. Key Take-Aways:
- Unifying the organization around the principle of mission-driven CX to bring urgency and meaning to the work
- Using modern methods to enhance your Voice of Customer engine and understand your customers like never before
- Building a 360 degree view of the customer to reduce friction and enhance the digital experience
- Leveraging an intelligent change management framework to grow the work of CX over time

Nate Brown